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  1. Guest Lectures 2014-15. semester 1.

    Here’s the list of this semester’s guest lectures. As well as being essential teaching and learning events for our students, they are also open to the public (free of charge). All lectures take place in The John Lennon Art and Design Building.

    Joe Magee
    Friday 26 September
    2pm, Johnson Foundation Auditorium

    Joe Magee is an award-winning UK artist and film maker.

    As an editorial illustrator Joe has also been a regular contributor of images to a range of international publications such as The Guardian, Time Magazine, Liberation, New York Times and Newsweek. He works in a wide range of traditional and electronic media, working on commissioned work and personal projects.

    Kathryn Easthope
    Friday 10 October
    2pm, Johnson Foundation Auditorium

    Kathryn Easthope graduated from the course in 2011. She quickly made the move to London where she has established a career designing mainly within the fashion industry for the likes of Dazed and Confused, Saturday magazine and H&M. She has recently become art director at Reiss.


    Kellie Strøm (as part of Liverpool Irish Festival)
    Friday 24 October 2014
    2pm, Johnson Foundation Auditorium

    Kellie Strøm was born in Copenhagen, raised in Ireland and now lives and works as an illustrator in London. In addition to newspaper, magazine and comic book illustration, Strøm has also worked within film and theatre design.

    His most recent illustration creation is a ‘Leporello’ (concertina book) commissioned and published by NoBrow books entitled ‘Worse Things Happen at Sea’. During this talk Strøm will explain the process used to create the illustrations for this book. Strøm creates intricate colour separations which overprint to give the illusion of many more colours than are actually used in the printing method.

    He will also outline the development of his technique from his early days of newspaper illustration in Dublin and Copenhagen.


    Craig Atkinson (as part of our Professional Development Week)
    Wednesday 19 November
    10am, Lecture Rm 1

    Craig’s practice involves documenting places, spaces, people and situations, generally by drawing or using photography. He works as a fine artist, exhibiting work internationally. An illustrator, working for clients such as The New York Times, Adidas, and GQ. In 2005 he founded Café Royal Books; a publishing house that specialises in collaborating with artists to produce short-run publications. These publications are collected by Tate Gallery, the Victoria and Albert Museum and MoMA amongst others.

    During this talk Craig will reveal the agony and ecstasy of setting up and running his own publishing house – Café Royal Books.



    Friday 21 November
    2pm, Johnson Foundation Auditorium

    Our Professional Development Week concludes with guest lecture from ShellsuitZombie – a project run by and for the benefit of young creatives. Through their printed publication, website and regular events, talks and workshops they aim to represent the young voice in an industry too often dominated by the voices of those much older than themselves.


  2. And we go again…

    We’re now a few weeks into the new academic year. 

    The new 1st Years have settled in, 2nd Years are adjusting to specialising in either graphic design or illustration, and 3rd Years have already begun their degree show fundraising whilst trying not to panic about writing their Graphic Arts Research Project. 

    Here are a few photos of what’s already been going on…

  3. Class of 2014

    We now have an easy to access portal for all of the website for our  2014 graduates…

  4. I Don’t Love Soccer Because Soccer Has Never Loved Me

    To mark Roy’s Boys early return from the Brazil World Cup staff are launching a publication and exhibition of artwork that has taken a critical look at “the beautiful game” through the lens of graphic design and illustration. 

    Our friends at Bold Street Coffee have kindly donated their wall space and are hosting the publication launch on Wednesday 25 June, from 6.30pm.

    We have produced an edition of 90 publications, of which 45 will be on sale on the night, at a very respectable price of £5. The publication and exhibition consists of artwork produced in response to a 1978 essay by Italian scholar, writer and semiotician Umberto Eco about football and the World Cup. The publication has been designed by Jon Spencer and printed in-house using our Risograph.

    A project website has also been designed and built by Chris Jackson.

  5. Graduate Profile 2014 – Rob Headley

    Graphic Design student, Rob Headley’s GIF animations were another signature piece from the show. The short looped animations were produced through the filter of reprographic technologies. The project also included a toolkit for producing the animations. A package of masters sheets can be manipulated with a scanner, printer, or other physical image making process and then digitised and sequenced to produce animated loops. The results are like a moving version of Karel Martens’ counterprint

    One of Rob’s other projects - a generative typeface.

  6. Graduate Profile 2014 – Niamh McGee

    Illustration student Niamh McGee is one of this year’s best and most prolific printmakers. She also took on a short internship at London based illustrator, Jimmy Turrell’s studio this year. She’s now part of The Green House Collective set up by a group of this year’s graduates, operating out of an old warehouse in the Baltic area of the city.

  7. Graduate Profile 2014 – David Dodd

    David Dodd’s graphic design project about the Westboro Baptist Church was one of the signature pieces of this year’s degree show. So much so that David’s project is heavily featured in Creative Reviews’ Talent Spotter series, written by Well Made Studio’s Gemma Germains.

    The review also features the work of Matt Sharp, Jess Heaton and Naomi Chevanne.

  8. Graduate 2014 Profile – Malik Thomas-Smeda

    Illustration student, Malik Thomas-Smeda, is a man in demand. Following in the footsteps of many of our graduates, Malik will soon be featured as artist of the month by North West online arts magazine The Double Negative. And after a 3rd Year collaborative project with The National Football Museum it’s now looking likely that he’ll now been commissioned to produce another 6 illustrations for the museum.


    Illustration from National Football Museum project.


    Pompidou Centre drawing. Featured in large print format in the degree show.

  9. Graduate 2014 Profile – Willoughby Warner

    Like Jess, graphic design student Willoughby’s not had much time off between University and the “real world”. Immediately after final submission he’s been interning at Sara De Bondt Studios in London. The internship marks the culmination of an ongoing collaboration with Sara De Bondt and Liverpool Biennial.

  10. Graduate 2014 Profile – Jess Heaton

    Each year one lucky graduate segues perfectly from education to employment. This year it’s the turn of  illustration student Jess Heaton, who last week started working as junior graphic designer at Boohoo online fashion retailer in Manchester. Luckily she was allowed to take some time off to attend the Private View and check out the huge print of her work installed in the show.

    Large format print signature piece for the degree show homepage