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  1. Offset Dublin

    Our intrepid reporter, Mike O’Shaughnessy has finally submitted his piece on the recent Offset design conference that our 1st and 2nd Years went to. Here it is…

    Offset is a Showcase of International Illustrators, Graphic Designers and Animators. This was the fifth year Offset has ran and it was our first trip with L4 and L5 Illustration and Graphic Design students. Previous speakers have included Stefan Sagmeister, Bob Gill and Oliver Jeffers. There are three days of one hour talks plus interviews and discussions. This years big draws were Marian Bantjes and Neville Brody.

    French Illustrator Genevieve Gauckler gave a witty and self-deprecating insight into her world.

    Bjorn Rune Lie appeared slightly hung over – as were most of our students. The opening Offset Event Party went on to the early hours of Friday Evening. Bjorn’s talk was a real education, he revealed all his influences and discussed his technique.

    A big favourite with all the male Graphic Designers was Jessica Walsh. The fact that she had appeared naked for a Stefan Sagmeister publicity shot, proved to be a big draw for all the young male attendees.

    Ex – Liverpool student Richard Turley gave a big shout to all the Liverpool students in the audience and talked very fondly about his time as an undergraduate. His design approach was clever and irreverent. Unlike some of his American counterparts, like Mike Perry, he didn’t use the captive audience as excuse to celebrate what he did.

    The overall student feedback was really positive.

    “mmmmmmmmmm” level 5 Illustration






  2. Guest Lecture – Al Murphy

  3. Guest Lecture – Jeremy Coysten (North)

  4. Tony Benn (3 April 1925 – 14 March 2014)

  5. Blackpool Rocks

    A quick coach ride up the M6 led our second year Graphic Design students to Blackpool. Aims and objectives? Document the sense of place of Blackpool through typography, architecture and language. All in the name of place-branding. Can Blackpool tower (soz) over other coastal towns again? Or is it past its sell by date? After many miles documenting the signs and scenes of this famous coastal town our students came to the unavoidable conclusion that Blackpool still rocks!

    Here’s a couple of the best photos, selected by Anthony Ellis, Level 5 Graphic Design tutor…





    We’ve been fortunate to host workshops delivered by external partners – Nous Vous and UsTwo – over the last couple of weeks.

    Nous Vous were brought in by 1st Year tutor Cecilia Garside to deliver a one-day visual communication workshop.

    Here’s my Q&A with Cecilia about the day…

    Why did you invite Nous Vous to give the workshop?

    I had seen their work in ‘Wrap’ magazine and recognised it from various other places: ‘pick me up 2013’ , ‘Greenman Festival 2014’ etc. I really liked the variety of illustration, image making and design work they created and knew it would be interesting for the students to hear how they work as a collective especially in relation to their recent teamwork project and current visual communication modules . We had also heard really good things about them from printmakers and designers who had worked with them.

    What did they get the students to do?

    A series of workshops using simple forms, sounds and words ‘testing their collaborative skills and visual thinking’

    Did the students enjoy it?

    There was a really positive response from the students - they all seemed to enjoy their lecture and make the connection between the thinking behind the work they were shown and the workshops. There was some interesting and unusual responses to the workshop tasks and the thought processes behind the tasks are hopefully feeding into the studio work they are creating for their current project 

    Will you invite them back?

    It would be great to get them back for further workshops and also maybe for other enterprise or industry talks or events

    And then Graphics graduate, Phil Lackmaker (2008), returned to run a digital branding workshop for a mix of 2nd and 3rd Years. Phil is now Senior Designer at UsTwo.

    The workshop introduced students to the branding process that UsTwo use to develop digital and mobile apps and user interfaces. Again there was a very positive response from the students who attended. A few of the 3rd Years were particularly interested by the internship scheme that UsTwo run, and will probably follow up Phil’s generous offer to stay in touch.

  7. Mad-graphic-skills

    It’s official, our graduates have mad skills!

    There was a great review of Liverpool based graphics talent in Shellsuitzombie’s Mad Skills Monday round-up this week. Recent graduates; Milos Simpraga, Tom Rogers, Sam Howard, Rheannon Ormond, Lottie Brzozowski and Rachel Davey were all featured. Hopefully this is evidence of a new wave of creative talent hitting the city…

  8. Graduate update – Sophie Gordon

    Congratulations to recent graduate, Sophie Gordon (2013), who has just secured her dream job at Children’s Book publishers Nosy Crow. Many thanks should also go to another of our graduates - Kristina Coates, who works at Nosy Crow - for alerting us and Sophie to the opportunity.

  9. NOBROW are coming!

    Graphic Design and Illustration Guest Lecture

    Sam Arthur of Nobrow Press

    Friday 7 February at 1pm
    The Johnson Auditorium
    John Lennon Art and Design Building

    Public Welcome!

  10. Team project mayhem

    As ever, the start of semester 2 has been dominated by team projects for 1st and 2nd Years. This year the 2nd Years teams have been working on ‘live’ briefs in collaboration with a range of external clients including The National Football Museum in Manchester and Well Made Studios in Liverpool. Many thanks must go to John O’Shea from NFM, Gemma Germains from Well Made, and our recent graduate, Kat Easthope, now at Reiss, for their time and effort acting as clients over the past few weeks. Gemma even documented her interim feedback via Well Made’s blog.

    The projects culminated last week in presentations to these clients. Each group acquitted themselves very well, in what is quite a nerve-racking situation for 2nd Year students.

    Here are a couple of images from the Zine Project that Gemma collaborated on…

    The original Zine brief

    'Analogue - a fanzine dedicated to the deconstruction of obselete technology